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Since 1999, Nordic Venture Network have been at the forefront on the Nordic Venture scene. Gathering all the best funds in one network.


About Us

Nordic Venture Network (NVN) is a private club of the leading Technology Venture Capital firms in the Nordic region.

NVN is a unique strategic tool for relevant international parties wanting to cover the Nordic Technology Venture Capital market in an efficient way.

NVN focuses on strategic relationship building between the members and international financial and industrial players. In addition NVN also acts as a discussion forum of joint issues between the members as well as between the members and the major Nordic Private Equity investors.

Please find more information about NVN and do contact us to discuss any potential mutual benefits.

The Nordics are now officially the biggest unicorn factory in the world

What We've DO

  • Nordic Venture Performance Index - measuring the returns of Nordic VCs.
  • Global activities where we position the Nordic venture scene in the right context
  • Closed talks amongst members 
  • Next Generation Venture network events. 
  • Management of inbound investment request (Inbound LP traffic)